A very dear institution is PFAU, Promise Foundation Austria.

This association is regularly collecting money for the Kariyangwe Primary School in the North of Simbabwe through events.
Their current project is to create a school kitchen there in order to provide 800 children with a daily meal.

Stefan has visited the Kariyangwe Primary School in August 2014 and got a picture of the situation and the achievements by PFAU there.
So we decided that we would love to contribute to the planned school kitchen by creating more awareness of this project and the PFAU Foundation in general.

We would be glad if we could induce some of our readers to donate some money for Promise Foundation Austria (=PFAU)

Our aim is to raise the same amount of money as kilometers we are cycling. 🙂

Donations account

IBAN: AT45 4815 0403 2470 0711