just a moment before he looked happy ;-)


how much water we sometimes drag around with us ;-)


Stefan with his saviour

Ruslan's trophy from fishing

thrilling drive in Ruslan's old Russian car

Alexandra and always sunny Ruslan

the boat behind the cafezi - if the water was ever this high? ;-)

Ruslan and Stefan trying to fix it

dinner with the parents

woooow, so many vegetables!!

with the cyclists gang of Aktobe

Stefan, Alexandra, our second dinner, Laura and Ruslan :-)

lovely Asset, Alexandra, the malefactor and Wladimir, the bicycle specialist

Kasagstan_Teil2_18 Kasagstan_Teil2_20

Bajterek tower



posing in the rain

the madam who spoke German

Kasachstan_Teil3_18 Kasachstan_Teil3_19 Kasachstan_Teil3_20

ehm, but there hasn't been anything the last 70 km either?!?

thanks for the chocolate!

nearly romantic ;-)

one of the skulls...

Kaschstan_Teil4_3 Kaschstan_Teil4_2 Kaschstan_Teil4_14 Kaschstan_Teil4_21 Kaschstan_Teil4_25 Kaschstan_Teil4_29 Kaschstan_Teil4_31