Travel-crazed Styrian (not Syrian!!) with distinct love for his bike.

He has been confiding in his realiable Puch bike for years now – and he will again later on.
After some experiences with a trip around the world and with bike trips on the Balkans as well as in Romania, he now wants to explore Asia.

Fascinated by technology and photography he will publish a lot of pictures and short videos on our blog.


Trivia about Stefan

Circumference of his calves: 44 cm
Number of visited countries: 41
What to do when bored on the bike: compose songs out of the noises of the head wind, monologize, think about new ideas
Best known for: “a little bit” chaotic, persistent, enthusiastic, cannot say “no” to food (not even to guinea pigs :-D), has ants in his pants