All we need is waterpark fun!


The only reason for us to go to Hua Hin was actually the waterpark Vana Nava which we definitely wanted to visit. Last year we have been to Siam Park on Tenerife and there we fell for it and a little fun is always great. 😉
So after our breakfast at a German bakery (was a bit weird to suddenly speak German) we went to the waterpark. Okay, the park itself is a bit pricey but at least they have a free shuttle service.


der Vana Nava Wasserpark :-)

the Vana Nava waterpark 🙂


By the way, there is a nice service at the park: With your entrance chip you can activate to have your photo taken on your way through the water slide. Afterwards you can send the photos to your email address or via Facebook for free. Therefore it wasn’t too bad that Stefan wasn’t allowed to take his GoPro on the water slides. 😉

Whew, and it really was funny at the waterpark, although slightly less funny than in Siam Park on Tenerife. In the morning hardly anybody was there so at the big slides we had to wait a bit – once an employee took pity on us and went down with us. In the afternoon there were more people, so we could sometimes go down by six. And, woohoooo, that was crazy, it was pretty fast!





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