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The next day we had only about 70 km to go but those should be quite exhausting as there is a not so small hill between Queenstown and Wanaka. And some of the roads there are very steep, so steep that we had to stop several times during cycling. The weather was brilliant though.


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At the peak we met a funny Bavarian who was on his recumbent bike. Phew, there we lost a lot of time. 😉 When the peak got too crowded due to cyclists, we said bye and enjoyed the downhill to Cardrona Valley.


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creative fence

creative fence

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There we had some nice chips to be able to cycle against the head wind. And then we were in Wanaka. Unfortunately, again our desired camp site was fully booked – unbelieveable how crowded New Zealand is at the moment! Therefore we had to go to another camp site where there were some strange people, such as a group of German high-school graduates who were very loudly talking nonsense. A little private cabaret for us. 😀
In theory Wanaka is a small remote town but the lots of tourists make it lively. So lively that you can’t even walk five steps in the only big supermarket there. 😀 And the lake and the scenery around it are beautiful, surely we had to jump into the lake as well. 😉


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The next day we moved to our desired camp site as it was time for a one day break. There we met the two German cyclists Marc and Katharina again who we got to know in Te Anau.

And then we had to proceed towards West Coast. We didn’t want to do the Haast pass already, so we stayed at a small camp site few kilometers before the pass. As it hadn’t been raining for some weeks there were a lot of signs indicating that there is a lack of water which is why doing laundry is impossible and we should take care not to shower for too long. In that area it was really quite dry and information signs regarding fire hazard were idicating “extremely high”.


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just a snack

just a snack


After a good night’s sleep we got over the Haast pass which wasn’t as bad as thought. Afterwards we cycled quite comfortabely to the township Haast where we slept that time. There we met Falk who was cycling in New Zealand on his bamboo bike.


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Falk, the bamboo cyclist

Falk, the bamboo cyclist


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