A low in France


It was said that the weather should be better the next day but the first 30 km were once again icy cold and foggy. When we entered France we therefore weren’t in the best mood. 😉


Easter tree in Luxembourgh

Easter tree in Luxembourg

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The next kilometers were unexpectedly hilly which this time spoiled Stefan’s mood. After lunch in Thionville the road was quite flat again and when even the sun began to shine we suddenly had about 15 degrees. For the first time since our return to Eurpe we could cycle without gloves! 🙂


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When we arrived in Metz the sun was shining was well but, unfortunately, it was kind of difficult to find a supermarket. As it was the Easter weekend shops might not be open on Sunday and Monday, so we had to search for something immediately after our arrival. Lucky enough, we found something and therefore did not have to starve. 😉


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a dragon in front of the cathedral of Metz

a dragon in front of the cathedral of Metz


After one day break – which we were craving for – we proceeded southwards. In the beginning the head wind was really bad but at least we had about 10 degrees. For the last 30 km the situation changed: The wind sort of terminated but instead in began to rain heavily. Excellent! When we finally arrived in Nancy we were drenched with rain and frozen to the marrow. Our mood just hit rock bottom…


laundry drying at the Ibis

laundry drying at the Ibis


The next morning we were already cycling when it started raining again. As we knew that it should be raining all day long and the next day as well, anger and frustration overcame us. For this reason we turned around after about 5 km and went back to the hotel. Later on we bought train tickets to Strasbourg and took a look around in the city of Nancy. At some point even a strange thing called “the sun” appeared.


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