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After a refreshing night we cycled to the train station – of course in rain. And after no time we were sitting in the train with our bicycles at a glance. It was again fascinating how quickly one can go by train. And as it ws still raining and raining we were quite content with our decision to not cycle those two days.


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In Strasbourg it was only drizzling and so we made a little sightseeing by bicycle.


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Does TIrol really need this? ;-)

Does TIrol really need this? 😉

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We were cordially welcomed by our hosts for the night Rolland and Lili who even cooked for us. Afterwards we made a little nightly cycling tour which was really cool.At night Strasbourg looks even more like a fairy tale. 🙂


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with Lili and Rolland

with Lili and Rolland


After a great breakfast Rolland showed us the way to the cycling path and then we said goodbye. A short detour brought us to the building of the European Institutions and then we had to go.


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More or less our way went along the Rhine while the weather was at least dry. It was said that it would get sunny and warm that day but, of course, it didn’t. The fog was around us all day long and the head wind made the 12 degrees feel much colder.


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When we arrived at our hosts in Karlsruhe we were again wet and in a bad mood. But Jan, Irina and their cute baby Mira could cheer us up with dinner and nice talks. 😉




mit Irina, Mira und Jan

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