About Slovakian hospitality

More or less voluntary we have been spending more than a week in Slovakia now – and we have always been optimally entertained and cosseted.

For the most part that was/is thanks to Marta from Pohorela, a friend of Stefan’s family.
When she heard that we wanted to cycle through Slovakia, she instantly invited us to stay at several people’s places.

Therefore, we already could stay with her aunt Emilia in Nove Zamky – an extremely good-hearted lady with a radiant complexion.
It is true that the communication was not that easy due to the language barrier – we couldn’t speak Slovakian, she couldn’t speak German -, but a smile is worth a thousand words. :-)

Gruppenfoto mit Emilia

in the living room with Emilia

The next station was Zvolen at the place of Marta’s brother-in-law Jan and sister-in-law Viera.
Although their place was already crowded as their son and his wife and baby were visiting them, they welcomed us with open arms.

Gastgeber Nummer 2 in Zvolen: Jan und Viera

saying goodbye to Jan und Viera

Finally in Pohorela, it was Marta’s turn – together with her husband Milan and her sons Peter and Milan Jr.
They entertained us perfectly and Marta was always trying to feed us – to be sure, we were never bored!
And all that in spite of the fact that they had a lot to work in the garden/barn and in the house, unbelieveable!

Abschied von Marta

the last evening with Marta

Luckily for us there has been another old friend of Stefan’s family in the same village – Anna also cooked a lot for us and took care of us.
As she had a restaurant for about 27 years we have been feasted accordingly – three sweet dishes on one day!!
Certainly, also her husband Jan was amused. 😀

ein Umtrunk mit Anna

drinking Becherovka with Anna

Having been coddled like that we could continue our journey eastwards!
Thankfully, also Stefan’s dentist approved!

die Zahnärztin sagt: alles dobre!

the dentist says: everything is dobre!

Once again many thanks to our hosts for their generous support!

Speaking of support:
Support is the main thought of our journey, therefore, we kindly ask our readers to possibly take some time for a small donation for the PFAU – Promise Foundation Austria.

PFAU – Promise Foundation Austria

AT45 4815 0403 2470 0711


Just as a reminder:
Our goal is to generate as much money through donations as we cycle in kilometers.
At the moment we have cycled around 550 km, whereas the donated amount is still a little behind…

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