Time for a break…

Already on our fourth day we decided that we had to take a break pretty soon, as our bodies are not used to such a workout.
However, the circumstances seemed never to be perfect to linger for a while, so we tried to get to or last and main hostess in Pohorela as quickly as possible.

Die Steigungen werden anstrengender und man merkt, dass die Berge der Hohen Tatra vor uns liegen.

That happened on Sunday, 17 May – and we are still there – and we are about to stay at least until Saturday.
Because Stefan happens to have problems with his teeth and here with Marta the last chance is given of being able to communicate with the dentist. 😉

Funny enough, Stefan has been at his regular teeth check-up just some weeks ago – everything was ok then.
Few days previous to our leave he started to suffer from toothache and got checked up by a dentist in Styria who also told him that everything will be fine.
Unfortunately, the toothache did not pass and according to a Slovakian dentist he seems to have an inflammation which needs to be cured (at least we think so, actually we did not really understand everything the dentist told us).
The dentist wants to have another look at the tooth on Friday, if everything is okay we can get back on our bikes on Saturday.

Until then Marta and her familiy are taking care of us, cook a lot for us and make us feel like home. 🙂
Trips around Pohorela are included, and so we can get to know a little bit more about the everyday life of the Slovakians in the Lower Tatra.

Blick auf Pohorela

view of Pohorela

kleine Kapelle im Wald

little chapel in the woods

Schafbauern in der Umgebung

sheep farmer nearby

angeblich müssen mehrmals täglich rund 400 Schafe händisch gemolken werden - von nur 4 Männern!

They are supposed to milk around 400 sheeps by hand several times a day – and they are only 4 men!

Pohorela 6

auch Marta hat einen kleinen Hof

also Marta has a small farm

Pohorela 7Pohorela 8Pohorela 9Pohorela 12

Gulasch wird in der Gartenküche gemacht - faszinierend!

Gulasch is made in the garden kitchen – fascinating!

Pohorela 14

wilde Hengste

wild stallions

Einer durchbrach sogar die Abzäunung - wow, waren wir da schnell weg!

One even broke the fence – wow, how quickly we could move away!

Furthermore, we could meet up with Anna, another old friend of Stefan, who also cooked for us immediately.
Hopefully, we won’t be too heavy for our bikes after Pohorela… 😀

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