Everything has to end, even sunshine


After repairing those two flat tires we proceeded to Harihari (yes, the names of the towns here are brilliant) where the six of us were again on the same camp site. In the small kitchen we enjoyed the evening with beer, wine and cookies. 🙂


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The next day the stable and sunny weather should come to an end, which is why we had organised an actual roof for the next days. Therefore we could watch the clouds above our heads without serious concern.


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In Hokitika Kevin welcomed us to stay at his place for free. He even cooked some kind of Schnitzel for us and told us a lot of interesting stories, as he had been in the mountains of New Zealand for many many years.
On the next days we took a look around in Hokitika which is a nice little quiet town with a cozy beach.


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There we met Marc and Katharina again for a coffee. They were quite happy that the rain hadn’t started yet as they had to stay in their tent at a former sanitarium. 😀 Actually, it started raining shortly afterwards and didn’t really stop during the night, which was a bit bad for their tent. Despite the bad weather we wanted to cycle the last 40 km to Greymouth as we didn’t want to overstay our welcome. So we said goodbye and had to fight against wind and rain.


Adieu und dankeschön, Kevin!

Adieu and thank you, Kevin!

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It wasn’t really funny as we sometimes couldn’t go quicker than 10 km/h although the road was flat. Stefan enjoyed it anyways as he had the feeling of fighting against the nature. 😉 Finally, we arrived Greymouth after about three hours and had a nice cheap pizza. 😉


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In a hostel we wanted to wait for the weather to get better. While it improved several times and sometimes even the sun came out, it got worse shortly afterwards again. The weather in New Zealand is just a riddle!



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