Cross-country over the hills


After the weather had calmed down a bit and we had met with Marc and Katharina for one last time, we also proceeded. Now we had to cross the mountains separating the West from the East coast. We knew that according to the elevation graph the first half should be nearly completely uphill. Therefore we were quite surprised and glad how easy cycling was until Reefton. Although Reefton is just a small town it offers everything you need: restaurants, cafés, shops and even a library. Also on our small camp site we met Gerhard from Switzerland again who took the photo of us in Middlemarch at the Rail Trail.


DSC05626 Resized DSC05627 Resized

die Hummeln fliegen auf Alexandra

humblebees just love Alexandra

DSC05631 Resized


The next day was a bit tougher: The elevations were steeper and longer but thankfully we could have a break at a café between the two main mountains. There we had a lot of pies and more. 😉 After the second mountain we were quite exhausted, which is why we were even happier to see Gerhard on the camp site waiting for us with some dinner and some beers. 🙂 And after a cold and humid night he even made tea for us and played on his portable alphorn – awesome!


unser letzter "höhere" Berg in Neuseeland

our last “mountain” in New Zealand

frecher Vogel

cheeky bird

DSC05644 Resized

Gerhard and his alphorn


With tired legs we proceeded towards Hanmer Springs while the elevations and head wind made it hard for us. In return we were really fond of Hanmer Springs from the beginning: So much to offer but so silent as well! On our camp site only one-thenth was occupied therefore we had a nice calm stay. And once again we met Gerhard with whom we had some more nice chats and cookies. 😉 Thanks again for all the nice food!


DSC05645 Resized DSC05648 Resized

seltener aber typischer Müll neben der Straße

rare but typical trash next to the road


Also in Hanmer Springs we met the two Belgians Reinout and Leslyn who before have been driving in their car from Belgium via Iran to Kyrgyzstan. There they sold their car and here in New Zealand they spontaneously decided to get some bicycles and cycle six months through the whole country.
But we didn’t only chat with other travellers, we also played some mini golf – a rematch had to be. 😉 Besides, Stefan had to eat Fish & Chips one last time.


Stefan beim Videodreh ;-)

Stefan at the set 😉


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