Off to the Great Ocean Road


After we had said goodbye to Mike we went on the next day. With all our luggage and the bicycles we moved out of the city through industrial areas, often couldn’t find the cycle paths, had to cycle on the highways, saw two dangerous looking snakes (dead or alive??) and Stefan got already a flat tire. And when we wanted to get some refreshments in the heat, the petrol station was closed due to a chemical accident. It really wasn’t our day…


ziemlich heiß hier

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at work

der Übeltäter

there it is


Exhausted we arrived at the camp site in Geelong quite late and we had to work on the flat tire until it got dark. The salad for dinner we had to enjoy in our tent due to the lack of a camp kitchen. Although we were quite tired, we enjoyed some light games with our flash lights and camera.


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The next day looked a bit nicer in terms of the temperature. Also the road got more agreeable as we arrived at the Great Ocean Road somewhere around Torquay. Funny enough we also saw three cangaroos and one wallaby next to the road. 🙂
After a little sugar (four donuts) we proceeded along the sea while having to stop for the great views every now and then. It is really amazing how much sea and how many beaches there are in Australia! As inhabitants of a land-locked country we got a bit envious. 😉


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As there was a barbecue on the campsite in Lorne we had to buy some sausages. But what was in it? The packaging said: 75 % meat of which is 30 % pork. Okay, but what is the rest?? Alexandra’s tongue said: Sheep, definitely sheep. Therefore, Stefan didn’t go hungry to bed after five sausages. 😉
But sleeping was a bit hard as the cockatoos on the campsite were yelling all the time.


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