Welcome to Melbourne!


Our cheap flight with Air New Zealand was quite uncomfortable, also due to the permanent crying of a baby. However, the four hours of flight passed quickly and still we hadn’t lost that much time: In Melbourne we had to change our clocks to two hours earlier.
As we had registered online for our trip to Australia, there were no problems at all at immigration. And soon we could unpack our bicycles and put them back together. Then we had to cycle towards big city. With more than three millions inhabitants Melbourne is the biggest city for us since Thailand.


Bereit zum Radeln!

Ready to cycle!


Unfortunately, it gets dark here quite early which is why we had to cycle the last half hour in the dark which wasn’t that funny on those confusing roads. After about 20 km we finally could hug our New Zealand friend Mike who is living in Melbourne and was so friendly to host us even there. He was waiting for us with beer, pizza and snacks – what an excellent welcome! 🙂

As Mike had to work the next day we cycled on our own to the city center. Melbourne has a lot of cycle paths but in some parts they are quite confusing or even dangerous. The city itself is very very cool, hip and sooo lively!

Funny enough, they were broadcasting the Oscar awards live at four int the afternoon. 😉


DSC05780 Resized

Leo, Leo, Leo!

DSC05778 Resized DSC05786 Resized DSC05792 Resized DSC05795 Resized


At the end of the day we met with Mike for dinner and then we cycled home together.
As it should get very hot the next day, we decided to cycle to the popular city beach of St. Kilda. In general we have to say: Wow, this city has a lot of sea and a lot of beaches! But that applies for all of Australia, we guess… 😉 And such beautiful ones!


DSC05796 Resized DSC05797 Resized DSC05798 Resized


Back in the city we could experience how many cyclists are on the road during rush hour: A lot, seriously, heaps of them! And most of them have racing bikes which is why really all of them overtook us…quite a new experience. 😉


DSC05804 Resized

bald wird hier gerast




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