Brilliantly situated Taupo


Already on the same day we proceeded to Taupo where we stayed at one of the Top 10 camping sites for a change. Luckily, they had a nice pool area and we could finally do some barbecueing ourselves. 🙂 Just to be clear: 1 kg of sausages really are too much for two persons…

Taupo is a beautiful place but mostly due to Lake Taupo which lays in front of the city. It’s a brilliant panorama as you can see Mount Togariro in the distance already.

Furthermore, they have a park full of volcanic activity, called “Craters of the moon”.

As we were in the mood for some games too, we went to MindJunction where we could do some mini golf and some riddles.
Also we could taste a lot of different kinds of honey at the Huka Honey Hive, mmmh!
The hot springs mixing with the cold water of the river had to be visited too and it was nice, although there were masses of people again…
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