Cycling through Australia – a review


Unfortunately, we couldn’t see too much of Australia during this trip, only a part of the state of Victoria. The inhabitants, the architecture, the cars and the food is at least in this part of the country quite similar to those in New Zealand. Probably some of the people here are a bit rougher and harder to understand when speaking. But they also like to blow off some steam (burping,…). 😉

Melbourne is a real metropole where we could easily spent a lot of time to explore it. As the city – as well as the rest of Australia – is quite expensive, it was surely great that we could stay with our friend Mike again. So we could make excursions with our bicycles and feel as if we were actually living here. 🙂

Outside of Melbourne we were a bit afraid of our environment, to be honest, as Australia is said to be the most poisonous continent. Fortunately, Victoria might be the safest part concerning its animals. Nevertheless, we have seen some poisonous snakes and quite big spiders we rather hadn’t. On the other hand we could also watch some cute ones, like sleepy koalas and jumping kangaroos. The many cockatoos and other exotic birds could only excite us at the beginning as they disturbed our sleep quite often. 😉

Sometimes it was extremely hot here and although the distances between the towns in Victoria were mostly okay, we could imagine how difficult it must be in other parts of Australia. In places where it is even hotter and the towns are more scattered we would not have liked to ride our bikes. However, the Great Ocean Road is really good for cycling and we had heaps of brilliant views there. We even could go into the sea!
All in all our stay of three weeks was great, we could see some things and have some adventures as well. Still, we seem not to be ready for a longer cycling trip through this huge, rough continent. 😉

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