Last days of summer magic


Well, what did we do this time at Melbourne? Unfortunately, not much as we had to do a lot of organizational stuff. So no sightseeing for us! 🙁
In any case we had to get into the sea for one last time before summer is over, and we could hang out with Mike a little bit more and have an excellent “last supper”. 😉


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The last day was a bit rough: We had to cycle to the airport bus, Stefan had to carry those heavy bicycle boxes for one kilometer, we had to disassemble the bicycles in the heat right in front of all the other passengers and get them into the boxes, then get all our luggage into the airport bus and wait for another four hours at the airport…
It was said that there are showers at the airport as well but unfortunately there were only such for men. Alexandra had to wash at the sink although people looked a bit confused at her. 😉

And then it was time: At 11:25 P.M. our plane was leaving from the other side of the world – we would return to Europe. 🙂
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