Trip to the farm


Already during the night it had been raining again, so in a good moment we packed our tent and left. Also in the rain we reached our ferry in Queenscliff which should take us to Sorrento. Some days ago we had decided that we didn’t want to take the same horrible way into Melbourne as we cycled out of the city, hence the ferry. It was very comfortable, even with wifi and TV but when we had to leave the ferry, it was still raining heavily. Our motivation was quite unexistant, understandably. 😉


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When we finally arrived at the camp site in Mornington it also hadn’t finished to rain. Fortunately, we could put up our tent beneath a roof and then bring the whole thing to our tent site.
The next morning the weather was better and we could cycle “home” – to Mikes place comfortably. 🙂


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After a good night’s sleep the cycling had still not come to an end as we were invited to the place of a friend of Mike which was North from Melbourne. So we again got on our bicycles with light luggage to cycle up about 50 km towards Giberston. Already on our way we saw many many kangaroos which made as very happy. 🙂


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The nice house is surrounded by meadows on which alpakas, a weird sheep, two horses, a dog and two cats are living. And in between many kangaroos are passing by. 😀 We didn’t really know where to look at first!


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In the evening we had a nice barbecue as Australians love to barbecue as much as New Zealanders do. 😉 It was fantastic! And the next morning we also had pancakes! A short excursion brought us to the main attraction of this area: Hanging rock, a rock formation in the middle of some kind of forest. From above we had a nice view on the autumnly coloured landscape around us.


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some more kangaroos

some more kangaroos

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Unfortunately, after this great day we had to cycle back to Melbourne but it was okay as it was mainly slightly downhill. 😉


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