Diving into the Thai sea world


And, of course, we had to go diving to the Phi Phi islands, but the whole trip was a bit chaotic due to the guys of the diving center.
Honestly, we finally can understand why some people told us diving in Thailand was too stressful for them. We wouldn’t want to have to learn diving there!

We had to take a boat to go to Phi Phi for more than two hours and the same back, and it wasn’t really comfortable. Especially on our way back the motion of the sea was significant and we thought a thunderstorm would arrive soon.


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However, the diving itself was pretty nice though and we have seen many sharks and some turtles as well. 🙂


even the diving suits weren't that new any more ;-)

even the diving suits weren’t that new any more 😉

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in between

in between

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oh yeah :-D

oh yeah 😀

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