Last days of time killing in Belarus, part II


After Bobruisk we planned to camp again for two nights until we would have our final stay in Gomel.
Already on the first day we passed our next mile stone: 2.000 km lie behind us! Luckily, we found some real Styrian beer at the next rest stop – what a funny coincidence. 😀


Belarus_Teil_3 5 Belarus_Teil_3 6


In the evening we asked some people if we could camp on their land and after some “discussions” (if you can call it that) we put up our tent. Also the landlady offered us coffee and tea and waved us goodbye in the morning.


Belarus_Teil_3 11

this little intruder wanted to enter our tent


Another day full of detours followed. At a gas station we even put up our camping seats and sat there for about 2 hours, eating snacks (unfortunately, they didn’t have anything to eat than sweets and chips) and reading. Every now and then people were passing by just asking: “Daleko?”, and when we answered: “Iz Avstrije!”, they were just shaking their heads, blowed out, laughed or did all at once. 😀


Belarus_Teil_3 8


Few kilometers before our desired camping place, we wanted to visit two other shops which should be in a village nearby – since chips and cookie at the gas station we hadn’t found anything else to eat. Unfortunately, even those shops did not have anything to prepare a delicious snack. On the other hand there were some really nice cottages and Sergej with his golden teeth who enjoyed talking to us a lot – although it was pretty difficult as his English was as good as our Russian. 😉


Belarus_Teil_3 9


Due to the rather humble meal after the shops – ice, ice, baby – we decided to finally eat our emergency supply: pumpernickel which we got as a present in Slowakia and spread of chicken liver which be bought in the second city in Poland. Wow, that was an exceptional meal! Almost as good as it looked like! 😉


Belarus_Teil_3 10

Alexandra also added some chili


Funny enough we found a gas station about 1 km from our camping place the next morning – with a much better selection of food. However, the thing for the credit cards did not work and after Bobruisk we hadn’t seen any cash machine at all…
Kindly, the nice guys from the gas station let of the last BYR 1.100 (about EUR 0,06 ;-)) and we could enjoy our breakfast at last.
Then, on our way to Gomel, we were pretty amused by our surroundings: two nuclear reactors (or at least they looked like that), kilometers of pipelines and further industrial areas. Cosy!


Belarus_Teil_3 12


And what is there to say about Gomel? There is also a Burger Master and a Gippo hypermarket, furthermore, our hotel including its restaurant are pretty awesome. Apart from that there is not really much to see – same like with most other Belorussian towns. However, as we are not really in the mood for sightseeing and we have to do some planning about our soon stay in Russia anyways, we cannot get bored. 😉




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