Last days of time killing in Belarus, part I


Unfortunately, we could not stay in the flat in Minsk forever, to be honest, at some point it got a bit boring.
Therefore, we wanted to start moving slowly towards the desired border Belarus – Russia.
Yes, we have to kill time, sadly, because when planning the journey we were underestimating ourselves completely and gave us a month time (visa from 1 until 30 June) to traverse Belarus. Although we only entered the country on 6 June, made an extreme detour to Minsk were we stayed for one week, we still need to slow down. For this reason we added some detours to larger villages on our way to Bobruisk, hoping that we could lose some time by doing so.


Belarus_Teil2 1


Not far from Minsk we also found a great gas station with cafe and everything, where we parked ourselves for some time.
In the evening we put up our tent not far from a village and next to a small river where we could take a vespertine bath.
Although once in a while people were passing by our tent, noone really seemed to care about us, even though our tent seemed to be standing on a kind of walkway…


Belarus_Teil2 2

Find the dog!


On the next day the same game: The attempt to cycle very slowly and to find a cafe or restaurant to linger for a while.
Both is pretty difficult in Belarus, which is why we mostly had to hang around at bus stops or on the floor directly next to a gas station. In such cases time is not passing by easily…
Our next camping spot was pretty nice, again on a meadow next to the forrest with a view on the enough far away road. Nobody could disturb us here. 🙂


Belarus_Teil2 3 Belarus_Teil2 4


In Bobruisk we wanted pass some days in a private accomodation. Bobruisk is in general a quite big city which only lives on industry: tires, wooden furniture and so on. As the name of the city seems to derive from the beaver one can find the beaver also in the townscape.
Apart from that there is nothing really to see in Bobruisk, shops and restaurants are pretty rare, especially bigger ones, there are mostly just apartment buildings.
However, for the first time on our journey we went to a burger restaurant in Bobruisk: Burger Master, the belorussian Burger King. 😉


confusing traffic signs...

confusing traffic signs…

Belarus_Teil2 6 Belarus_Teil2 7 Belarus_Teil2 8

the "amazing" fortress in Bobruisk

the “amazing” fortress in Bobruisk

Belarus_Teil_3 2 Belarus_Teil_3 3 Belarus_Teil_3 4






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