Lush scenery and infernal vapours


Our next camping site wasn’t that great but still okay. From there Alexandra tried for the first time to drive on the left side for a bit – but then Stefan had already enough. 😉
For a short escape we drove to Hamilton to get some new camping gear and to see the Hamilton Gardens. Those are completely for free and we could see several different gardening styles. They are adding more styles every year, unfortunately, the surreal garden wasn’t finished yet…


Oh that's what L&P stands for! :-)

Oh that’s what L&P stands for! 🙂

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For that night we found an excellent camping site at the McLaren Falls Park which is great as well. Surrounded by beautifully maintained landscape and with hot showers and all of that really cheap, excellent! Unfortunately, it started raining during the night and didn’t stop in the morning, which is why we had to pack our tent wet.
We spent that rainy day at the library in Tauranga to update our blog. 😉 After that we enjoyed a very rainy walk at the beach.


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As we didn’t want to go too far that evening, we returned to McLaren Falls Park. From there we proceeded to Rotorua the next day, a city smelling like rotten eggs. As there are a lot of geysers and hot springs, a sulphurish odour is omnipresent. Lucky enough, the hot and sunny weather had found us again and so we enjoyed walking around the city anyways.


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Although we couldn’t and didn’t want to afford any of the attractions, we had to have a look at Agroventures where a lot of funny things are offered.









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