What’s up on the East coast?


Afterwards we drove through the Whanganui River Road to Whanganui. There, along the Whanganui River we saw barely any human or car, just the beautiful fauna and flora.


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Near Whanganui there are several black sanded beaches which shimmer beneath the rays of sun. At such a beach we had to take a break for a picnic.


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From there we drove via Palmerston North to Dannevirke where we stayed for three nights on a cheap and excellent maintained camping site. There we met a fellow cyclist from Denmark, who has definitely cycled more than us. 😉


the brave Dane :-)

the brave Dane 🙂

Just for one day we went to Napier on the east coast which, after an earthquake in 1931, has been rebuilt in Art déco style. Already when entering the city we felt like in Hollywood: Huge palm trees everywhere and colourful small houses reminded us of film settings. A real nice city, Napier.


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We also had a look at Dannevirke itself and visited the deer surrounding our camping site.


interesting art

interesting art

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