Czesc Polska!

Czesc Polska!

Czesc Polska!

So we left Slovakia on Sunday and cycled our first kilometers in Poland.
Although the weather was rather uninviting (cold headwind and drizzling rain) we were fond of the country immediately.
Particularly concerning the smell of delicious food everywhere.

We spent our first night in a small guesthouse in Nowy Sacz – in two single beds. Felt like school excursion. 😉
Also the first Polish food had to be tasted, therefore we took a snack in the restaurant opposite to our place.
At 8 in the evening we were the only guests and could not pronounce any Polish word. Nevertheless, the hostess was very patient and brought us everything we were looking for: a normal noodle soup, a tomato soup with noodles (noodle party!) and normal and pan-fried Pierogi ruski. Already after this first meal we are fans of the Polish cuisine, especially Alexandra. 🙂

On the next day we took off pretty late as the rain outside wasn’t motivating at all.
And when we started we proceeded very slowly due to the condition of the roads, the weather, as we were cold in one moment and hot in the other…
When it suddenly started to rain hard, our mood hit the rock bottom.
For this reason we decided to stay in and pause on the following day, as it should be raining all day long anyways.

who wouldn't love cycling in such great weather...

who wouldn’t love cycling in such great weather…

Finally in Tarnow we took a hot bath and had delicious pizza. And suddenly the mood was rising. 🙂

a pretty big pope's statue (Jan Pawel II.)

a pretty big pope’s statue (Jan Pawel II.)

main square of Tarnow

main square of Tarnow

poets' bank (or something like that)

poets’ bank (or something like that)

Polen 6

2 responses to “Czesc Polska!”

  1. Robin says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s really great to read your stories. We met Stefan in Chili (remember? We’re the Dutch couple you followed around for weeks 😉 ) and are getting to know Alexandra through your stories. Good luck to you both, keep up the good work!

    Robin (and Bas)

    PS., you really like the Polish cuisine?

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Robin and Bas,

      of course I remember the dutch couple which followed ME all the time 😉
      I hope you enjoyed your last trip to New Zealand!

      We are cycling the whole day, so we enjoy every kind of food 😉

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