We reached our first milestone!

On Saturday, 30 May, just a few kilometers distance from Zamosc it happened: the first 1.000 km had been cycled!

Polen 23

Of course this seems to be the perfect time for a first short retrospect.

We started our journey on 11 May, since then we have been cycling on 13 days for about 61 hours, on 5 of those days it has been partially raining (more or less hard).
In doing so we have so far passed three countries – Austria, Slovakia, Poland -, we have been capable of the language only in one. 😉
The more east we go, the more complicated the language thing gets. However, the hospitality has been great in all three countries. 🙂

So far we had 0 flat tires, we have been unburdened of 2 side mirrors, have eaten about 50 pierogi, have drunk about 22 jiggers of Slivovica, said about 1.000 times “dobre” and could sleep 12 times for free – food included.
Our legs are tired, but the disposition is still sweet. 😉

Also the amount of the donations has increased and is now EUR 420 – a big thank you to all of our donors!
Maybe at some point we will be able to get the donations on the same level as the cycled kilometers. 😉

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